Berwick Obedience Dog Club

Club Rules

  1. No bitch in season is permitted on or near the training grounds.
  2. All dogs are to be on lead between the hours of 11:30am to 4:00pm.
  3. Dogs droppings to be cleaned up immediately.
  4. No hitting a dog except when trying to prevent a dog from biting a person or another dog.
  5. No smoking in class or in any undercover areas of the Clubrooms or Sheds.
  6. No dogs allowed in the club kitchen.
  7. Handlers must be financial members of the club to attend training.
  8. No children other than child handlers to be in the training areas.
  9. Children must be under direct adult supervision at all times.
  10. All handlers must wear their membership card when attending training.
  11. The committee may require a dog to be muzzled whilst on the club’s grounds if it has bitten or shown an extreme tendency of unprovoked aggression towards people or dogs. Members have the right to appeal against muzzling.
  12. Any member not complying with The Club’s Rules is subject to the provisions of The Club’s Constitution.
  13. No training will be held if Saturday’s predicted high temperature on Friday evening 6pm news is greater than or equal to 32C.
  14. No member is to enter The Club’s rings/classes without an Instructor’s authorisation.
  15. No member is to drive The Club’s tractor without authorisation from The Committee.
    1. No passengers are to be carried on the tractor or the trailer.
    2. The tractor is to be immobilised when parked outside the shed.
  16. The minimum age of a handler is 12 years. Members under 12 years must be approved by the appropriate training sub-committee before handling a dog. Adult supervision during training sessions is required for handlers under 12.
  17. All handlers are to wear suitable enclosed footwear whilst training their dogs. Eg. No thongs or high heels.
  18. No unattended dogs are to be left in the Clubrooms.