Berwick Obedience Dog Club



Obedience is a fantastic way to spend time with your best friend and learn heaps about dogs and obedience training.

Our aim is to create a training environment that is full of interest and fun, making training your dog an exciting and rewarding experience. We use positive and conventional training methods and our instructors can advise you on the correct equipment to use in your training. Not only do we teach obedience but we organise games that you and your dog can enjoy.

We train with the 3 P’s in mind, Practice, Patience and Persistence. All dogs progress at different levels, but with hard work and practice, every handler and their dog can achieve great success. We give you the  opportunity to challenge yourself and your dog, in achieving the different levels of training we offer.

Beginners classes run for one month. You are expected to attend all sessions. During this time you will be taught the basics of dog obedience.We start by training the dog to walk with a loose lead, no being pulled along.

Other exercises include sit, stay, and to come when called.

At the end of 4 weeks you will have better control over your dog.

You must spend a minimum of 4 weeks at each level. On the last Saturday of each month you are tested to see if you and your dog have achieved the necessary standard to go to the next level.

When you reach the higher classes (Green/Blue) you may wish to compete with your dog at an obedience trial.