Berwick Obedience Dog Club




We recommend that you arrive a few minute early to allow your dog time to settle and you time to socialise before the class begins. And so that you do not disrupt the class with your late arrival.

Beginners, Red and Pink classes begin at 1.30pm.

Yellow, Green and Blue classes begin at 2.45pm.

Obedience Trial Ring – from 1.00pm.

Rally Obedience Ring – from 1.00pm.


For all levels except Beginners – 6.30pm to 7.30pm every Wednesday evening during daylight savings time. There are no colour level classes. Any handler and dog teams that turn up are all in the same group and you work to your own ability.

There are no clubhouse, joining, shop, or kitchen facilities available. Toilets if required.

If training has been cancelled on Saturday (too hot) a Beginner class will be provided on the following Wednesday evening.

Kalora Park Reserve is a public park with fenced areas which are used for dog training activities by individuals and groups who have no connection with this club. If you have any issues in the park or fenced areas outside of club times you should contact City of Casey.


The club offers six levels of obedience training, Beginners (introductory four week class for new members teaching the basics of dog obedience), Red, Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue, with level assessments, held once a month, which gauge if you and your dog are ready to move up to the next level.

When you reach the higher levels you may wish to compete with your dog at an Obedience Trial or in Rally Obedience. Our instructors and competing members are more than willing to help you and your dog reach this goal.