Berwick Obedience Dog Club


What is Agility?

Agility is a highly skilled activity where you and your dog must work as a team to complete a course of jumps, tunnels and other fun pieces of equipment.

It is great fun to participate in, with your dog jumping, going through tunnels and tyres, walking over ramps raised above the ground and weaving through poles.

How old does my dog need to be to start agility?

To participate in agility your dog should be twelve months old and in Yellow group with the ability to call the dog when off lead. i.e. an informal off lead recall. If your dog is younger than twelve months there are still things you can do  before you start formal training with agility equipment. See below.

My dog is twelve months, in yellow class and comes when called, when can I start ?

New members can join the agility class at the start of an agility program. Please see the instructors to find out when the next course begins. The instructors can also answer any questions you might have.

Agility Classes for Puppies

Some activities for puppies will be run through the year. Activities include:

  • Hand targeting / touch plate
  • Rewards –Timing, Value, Type
  • Team work / Flat work (side changes, working both sides)
  • Start procedure (a wait)
  • Focus
  • Rear end awareness
  • Body language

NO jumping/weaving will be taught

Agility Links and Resources

Dogs Victoria Membership
NADAC Australia
Victorian Agility Email List
A Yahoo group where members can post messages and questions about agility and download files such as agility schedules and catalogues.
To join go to: